Traveling Cinema in Colombia

Do films actually matter? I spend a lot of time wringing my hands over this question, especially since I’ve committed so much of my life to making them. Read Full

08 Sep 2018
books on a counter

Five Fictional Villains Endlessly More Fascinating than Donald Trump

Michael Shannon is an actor known for his talent for playing complex and often malevolent characters, so it was interesting to consider his response when he was… Read Full

08 Sep 2018

Three Days in Chicago

“Make no little plans,” or so they say. This is your guide to spending three days in Chicago, featuring pizza, blues and architecture. Read Full

07 Jun 2018
Douglas County near Mt. Thielsen

Watching Saving Atlantis in the Belly of the Beast

Star Wars, spotted owls and showing a science documentary about anthropogenic change in the heart of timber country. Read Full

28 May 2018

The Looting of Mesopotamia

The Iraq War, the Sixth Extinction and the lightning bolt that allowed me to appreciate contemporary art. Read Full

26 Jan 2018

Films premiering in 2018

Two films that I co-directed/produced will premiere in 2018 Read Full

31 Dec 2017

The Epicurean’s Gift

Giving the gift of flavor in Burgundy Read Full

16 Dec 2017
People on ship looking at eclipse


Viewing the eclipse seventy miles off of the Oregon Coast: thoughts on hype, denial, climate change and whatever remaining hope we have to make things right. Read Full

27 Aug 2017

The Tenkara of Communications (an Inside Higher Ed blog post)

I realize that I’m taking a bit of a risk by building a communications blog post around the concept of Tenkara, which is a radical if obscure form of fly fishing practiced in Japan. Read Full

17 Aug 2017

Old books and ecosystem services

How libraries are like coral reefs. Read Full

06 May 2017
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